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The weather has been getting a bit nicer recently so bare legs and arms have been appearing across the land. With this in mind I thought it would be a good time to share some of my favourite body scrubs with you all. A good exfoliation creates an excellent base to any tan, be it from the sun or a bottle! Apply your scrub to damp skin in the bath or shower with your hand and rub lightly in little circles, paying good attention to elbows and knees. Rinse off, dry and apply body lotion. You should avoid using body scrubs on the face as they are often too harsh and can irritate your face. You should also avoid scrubs with plastic beads in as they don’t dissolve or bio-degrade and so aren’t good for the environment.

and other stories floral memento body scrub& Other Stories Floral Momento Body Scrub £7
This is a great floral scented scrub from & other stories that has a faint nostalgic note of violets, bringing back memories of palma violet sweets. The scrub isn’t too harsh on the skin and didn’t leave any redness and it leaves a very faint scent on the skin which makes it great for adding another scented product on top.

body shop fuji green tea body scrubBody Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub £15
Green tea has to be one of my favourite scents, I love Elizabeth Arden Green Tea EDT and this has such a similar scent; floral with a hint of sweet without being sickly. There are two size of ‘bits’ in this scrub too, which help tackle those stubborn areas really well. This is such an uplifting, light scent that’s perfect for summer.

i love raspberry blackberry shower smoothieI love…Raspberry & Blackberry Exfoliating Shower Smoothie £2.99
This is a great scrub for anyone in a rush who needs a slight exfoliation, fast. Simply use as you would a shower gel to feel instantly scrubbed and smelling delicious. This whole range smells so fruity and edible. I’ve covered this range before so click away to find out about more products and the amazing fruity bath I had.

fake bake dolce dreams coconut macaroon body scrubFake Bake Beauty at Home Dolcé Dreams Coconut Macaroon Body Scrub £18
Speaking of edible, this scrub is divine. The sugar, coconut oil and shea butter blend together to create the most glorious macaroon scent. This is from a new home shopping branch of Fake Bake that is packed full of old favourites and new products like this scrub. Paraben, sulfate and cruelty free each product has a different but equally amazing scent.

sienna x polishing body scrubSienna X Polishing Body Scrub £11.95
This a another great scrub that just perfect for any fake tan users. Mixed with lemongrass and ginger this scrub has a really different scent that would be great for evenings, those of us who prefer to stay away from sweeter scents or even men. The pumice in the scrub makes it great for tougher areas too like elbows, knees and feet that often need extra attention, especially before fake tanning.

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