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On November 27th, Taylor and Taylor opened a new salon on the 3rd floor of Liberty in London. This week, I was invited to have my hair treated and styled and check out the new place for myself, squee!

As an owner of a lot of hair I’m always happy to get it pampered and treated! I opted to go for a wash and blow dry with a moisturising treatment and then had it styled into waves.
taylor and taylor liberty london review
There’s something so relaxing and soothing about having someone else wash your hair and at Taylor and Taylor in Liberty I think I found the peak of that relaxation process. Not once was my hair pulled, the temperature of the water was great and even the music playing the background was the right combination of relaxing but not pan pipes! (Seriously, why do people still insist on damn pan pipes!?) The head massage was also perfect, I find many people are simply too rough with head massage, but this was firm without being too much.

After the relaxing cleaning of my mane, we headed over to the chair to start the drying process. My roots were lifted and my ends dried and then the waveafying (totally a word) began. My stylist worked through my hair, again without pulling, and the end result was amazing!
taylor and taylor liberty london review
My overall of experience at Taylor and Taylor in Liberty was brilliant and one that I would love to go through again. The staff were all really nice and listened to what I wanted to do with my hair as well as offering professional advice. This may sound like an odd thing to mention but I’ve had bad experiences in the past of hairdressers just doing what they want, rather what I asked for. It takes a lot of me to trust someone with my hair, but I would trust them.

If you want to check out Taylor and Taylor at Liberty or any of their other locations, you can find all the details you’ll need on the Taylor and Taylor website.

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