Soft and Gentle ‘Skin Science’ deodrant range

Soft & Gentle have recently released a new range of deodorants that not only come in smaller cans more environmentally friendly cans but each products tackles different issues that women have with their deodorants.
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Free from allergens, alcohol and aluminum chlorohydrate, Really Pure is the can for those women looking for a more natural deodorant. The potassium alum is a natural mineral that adjusts the pH level under the arms helping to prevent odour-causing bacteria. Really Pure is also enriched with oat oil and is extra kind to even sensitive skin.
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Visibly Smooth contains Kelisoft which has been clinically proven to reduce the speed of hair growth and the thickness of the hair. Hair growth is stimulated by the production of VEFG protein and this is reduced by Visibly Smooth in eight weeks. This could be great for helping reduce the shadow appearance for the better weather and holiday season.
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The third deodorant in the range is Ultra Protect; the choice for people who enjoy working out or who just want that little more protection when out and about, such as commuting on hot trains. Ultra Protect offers 72 hour protection that’s still kind to skin and has a light, fresh fragrance.
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The reduced can size means that not only can you fit them into your bag much easier, but for every million cans made 77 tons of aluminium is saved when compared to the larger size. The reduced size doesn’t mean you get any less product either, everything that is normally in the bigger 150ml can has been compressed down into the smaller one. The compressed size is now available across the classic Soft & Gentle range.

You can buy Soft & Gentle Skin Science deodorants for £2.09 from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and Asda.

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