Sharing the love with my recommended blogs

The internet is a vast place and finding new blogs to read can be more difficult than you would think, so I’m dedicating this post to a couple of my favourite bloggers to share the love and showcase how awesome they are.

First up we have Dorkface, a blog covering many topics from lifestyle and art to crafts and beauty with lots of extras on the side. This beautifully kept blog by Jemma is always full of uplifting and informative posts and has just celebrated its first birthday. dorkface
Now we have a beauty blog that looks after your pocket too. Face Value Beauty Blog is run by qualified charted accountant, self confessed cheese enthusiast and all round fashionable beauty gal Zoe. This blog is full of advice on how to look after your money and your beauty regime…oh, and Zoe was on a L’Oreal shampoo advert too! Hello!

Jamie Rockers hails from Kansas, USA and travelled to many countries before settling in London and her blog, BeautyRocks, covers fashion, beauty and lifestyle with a global twist. beautyrocks
If your skin is at the more porcelain end of the scale you may find that a lot of bloggers don’t cover products that are light enough for you, so you may like to check out Tales of a Pale Face. On this blog Kat focuses more on the lighter shades of foundations and looks to flatter paler skin tones.
Tales of a pale face blog
She Might Be Loved is a brilliant blog by Georgina covering plus-size fashion, beauty amongst other things too. She does some awesome Halloween make-up and her Ursula look needs to be seen! Georgina is also the face of clothing brand Scarlett & Jo.
she might be loved blog

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