Review: Vegan Kind Subscription Box April #TVK6

I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for subscription boxes, I love the way you get pushed out of your comfort zone and sent things that you might never have picked up on your own. It’s also a great way to discover new products that you’ve not heard of or that are from smaller and newer companies. I spotted Vegan Kind online and decided that would give it a go as I have quite a few Vegan friends and I’m not meant to have dairy either anyway.


Each month Vegan Kind will send you out a box with a selection of 5-8 products in, all suitable for Vegans. The products can be food, toiletries, cosmetics, cleaning products…the list goes on and that’s one of the things that really caught my eye about this box, it’s an excellent range of products. You also get a recipe card and 10p from each box goes to an animal charity chosen via the Vegan Kind Facebook page each month.

One of the first things I liked about this box was that it wasn’t fancy. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a sucker for posh packaging on things, but when the whole point of the box is the contents it doesn’t really matter. This box still looks good with a nice clean and bright design, but you can just chuck it in the recycling after you have torn it open to get at the goodies inside. I can’t be the only person with a stack of empty Glossybox boxes because it ‘would be a waste to throw them out’? (I actually do have a plan for mine now, but it’s a whole other blog post to come yet)
But what did I get in the box?

noriClearspring Japanese Toasted Fine Cut Nori
I was really happy with this in my box as I LOVE nori! I’ve been using this product in a couple of different dishes but I find it works best in salads as it gives a different taste and texture. I really hate bland salads so this, with mixed leaves and seeds is just perfect! What do you use nori for, I’m always on the look out for new nori recipes! 😀



choc mylk

Rebel Kitchen Choco Mylk
Okay, so I’m going to be honest this drink has been sitting in the fridge for a while, just waiting for me to write this up, I’m a little scared of milkshake. Basically, I’m not ‘good’ with dairy and so anything very heavy with it like milkshake or ice cream makes me very sick so I avoid it completely and wasn’t sure just how well I was going to get on with this, but I do actually like it! Just four ingredients make up this drink; Water, Coconut Milk, Date Nectar and Cacao and they blend well giving it a milkshake feel without being too sickly. It has a really good chocolate taste too!

sugarCoconom Organic Coconut Sugar
Oh I love this! I’m a black coffee drinker and replacing my normal sugar with this has been great! The coconut really softens the coffee removing any bitterness and harshness that might be there, making it great for mornings when you don’t really need that huge kick. I’ve not done any baking with this yet but I feel like it will add a really nice twist to a vanilla sponge.




balmFreyaluna Lavender Lip, Face & Body Balm
I love all in one products you can just drop them in your bag and not have to be weighed down by several products. This balm is great for a number of usages and smells amazing. Lavender is one of my favourite herbs it’s so relaxing and soothing and great for ease skin conditions and other aliments. I found a little of this balm on the temples of my head really helped me to sleep better and it’s great as a lip balm too! I’d certainly buy another of these as it just does so many different things in a small and caring tin. This is a brand that you need to check out and I certainly want to investigate more of their stuff asap! <3

seedbarCreative Nature Sublime Seed bar
When I first saw this all i could think was ‘please don’t be dry’, I hate it when you get seed bars and they taste like something you’ve robbed from a budgie! Thankfully this bar was soft and moist, very much something that I would buy again too. They are loaded with protein making them great for athletes or anyone else that needs a protein boost, this does come from peanuts though, so it might not be for you if you have a nut allergy. For those of us who don’t they are really handy bars to keep in your bag or desk at work to give you a little kick of energy when the 4pm slump appears.

Landgarten Dark Chocolate Soya Snack
When I first opened the box I thought this packet was a little small, but then I tasted them and realised I could only eat a few at a time because they are so rich. This packet lasted me ages and just a couple of the seeds could stave off a choco-craving, making them great for anyone who’s trying to diet or eat better. The sweetness of the chocolate and the crunch of the soya works so well together too, I really like these and would buy them again.

Overall I was really happy with the contents of the VeganKind box and have already ordered the next one. This box would be great for you if you are Vegan or have dairy allergies etc but it would also be worth checking out if you fancy discovering something a little different.

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