Review: Make Up Revolution Amazing Care #happylips Lipstick

Make Up Revolution burst onto the scene recently and, thanks to the fabulous British Beauty Blogger, I now have my hands on a sample of their wares; the amazing care lipstick!

This lipstick caught my eye straight away on the website so I was really happy when it arrived in the post (in a ripped open envelope with no lid, mutter mutter). There are two parts to this lipstick; a core of colour surrounded by a layer of moisturising argan oil gloss and they combine to create an almost lipgloss type effect.

Two swatch photos to show both the shine and the colour
Two swatch photos to show both the shine and the colour. Click to make bigger

On the lips it feels more like a lip balm than a gloss; soft and smooth but not sticky or thick. The only problem I do have with this however is that the colour core seems to run down a little faster, but that could just be me. I think once the product has been used a few times and made into the shape your lipsticks normally are that everything would run down evenly. You can just run a knife or even a fingernail over the clear section to take it off though, so it’s not the most taxing of processes.

I’d like to try out some of the other colours in this range to see how vibrant they are as I do wonder if the gloss dilutes the colour at all, it’s hard to tell with nude shade. I don’t think they would but, in the name of science, I shall just HAVE to buy some more. *wink*

You can buy Make Up Revolution Amazing Care #happylips lipstick for £3 from the Make Up Revolution online store and Superdrug.

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