Review: ARTDECO Color and Art Collection cosmetics

The new collection of cosmetics by ARTDECO, Colour & Art, are here and I’ve managed to get my little paws on some to play with and let you all know what I think, so what did I think?

ARTDECO Dip Eyeliner
art deco (3)
I use a lot of liquid eyeliner so I was quite pleased to see them included in the collection. There are four colours to available; black, turquoise green, purple date and, the one I received, cobalt blue. All shades are paraben and fragrance-free.
I found this eyeliner to apply really easy and smoothly and it really stays put! I do hate liquid eyeliners that dry and turn into flaky pastry for eyelids, it’s not a sexy look!
Another thing I really liked about this eyeliner was the fact that it’s not matte, it has a slight shimmer to it. This can make it seem a little softer looking on the eye, especially if you a paler eye colour. I think I’m going to have to buy the purple eyeliner in this range, I like this one so much! 😀

Apologies for the craptastic image
Apologies for the craptastic image

ARTDECO Wonder Lash Intense Mascara
art deco (5)
Brushes! For me a mascara is defined by its brush and this one has a good brush. I’ve said many times before that I have very stubborn eyelashes on one of my eyes, and so this is often what I base my mascara reviews on; curlability! If it can curl my lashes it must be ok and this one does. Not only does it curl but the formula holds well and doesn’t flake or clump. I also found it quite buildable too with one coat being a good day look and two lengthening and thickening for a better evening look. I haven’t swatched this as it was black.

ARTDECO Eyeshadow
art deco (15)
And now on to eyeshadows! The website lists these as being ‘characterized by an amazing color brilliance…‘ and most of the shadows were good, but I had a little issue with the darker green colour (423) this just doesn’t seem to want to apply in the same way, though it could just be a dodgy one as the others are fine. I liked the shades I tested out but wish the blue was shimmery like the others, it’s a little harsh as a matte shade.
They seem to last ok though, especially when used with the ARTDECO Eyeshadow base. This base comes in a small tub which is a good make up bag size and will last a while.

L to r: 408, 416, 423, 430, 445, 450
L to r: 408, 416, 423, 430, 445, 450

The shades available are:
Golden red 408
Sassy orange 410
Yellow sunbeam 413
Green grasshopper 416
Moss green 420
Green picnic time 423
Blue ice cube 426
About midnight 430
Smooth purple 434
Plum plum 441
Rosy wool 445
Neatly white 450


Pink juice 72
Pink juice 72

I’m quite a newcomer to bluster I have to admit, I’ve lived in fear of it for years probably thanks to growing up in the 80s and 90s. I’m over that fear now and so I’ve been enjoying testing out these blushers.
Both of the blushers look great on my skin and they can be built up to get the level of colour you want which is something I really like in a blush. I often worry about the ‘doll’ look and so prefer products that are buildable as I feel more in control when using them. I’d recommend these for anyone who has the same blusher fears as I do. The blushers come in Pink Juice 72 and Vitamin Bomb 62.
L to R: Pink Juice 72, Vitamin Bomb 62
L to R: Pink Juice 72, Vitamin Bomb 62

ARTDECO Beauty Box Trio
art deco (27)
With a new collection comes a new look beauty box and this one is no exception. The beauty box can store a blusher or three eyeshadows and they are simple to swap over thanks to magnets. This compact is a really good quality and certainly encourages me to use ARTDECO products more often. There are a few devices like this available on the market now and I do really like them, the only drawback though is that you need somewhere to store the shadows and blushes when they aren’t in the compact. I use an old Glossybox box as I have a million of them lying about and they’re a great size for things like this.
art deco (25)

ARTDECO’s Colour & Art collection is available at selected Debenhams stores nationwide and online at

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