Prepping your feet for Summer!

As I write this it’s a horrible cold and grim day outside, but I have faith that the weather will get better and sunbathing and picnics in the garden will happen again soon. Feet are certainly one of those areas that gets ignored in the colder months, but with summer en route we should be getting our foots sandal-ready.

We shall start off with a foot scrub, there’s loads on the market but it takes 2 minutes to make your own from stuff knocking around in the cupboard.

DIY Foot Scrub
foot scrub 1
You will need:
* Sugar/salt
* Olive Oil
* Cocoa Powder (optional)




foot scrub 2

Dump some sugar/salt into a bowl, about a half a cupful. Now add about a tsp of cocoa powder, this doesn’t help with the scrubbing but it does make it smell glorious!





foot scrub 3Add the oil into the mix, you need it to form a scrub type paste but not add so much that the sugar/salt all dissolves. Stir it up and head to the bathroom! Wet your feet and scrub away!





Once your feet are dry it’s time to slap on some foot cream. I’ve used Lotil Moisturising Foot Cream* which you can pick up by clicking the link or from chemists for about a fiver! It made my feet feel quite nice, especially after the scrub and you don’t need much of it so the tub will last ages. The scent reminds me a little of marzipan and while this isn’t a bad smell, I hate marzipan!

To finish off give your toe nails a buff and apply a lick of nail conditioner. Now you can paint on a nice bright summery colour of polish and maybe add a toe ring. The Orly Hope and Freedom Fest Collection are currently at the top of my summer polishes list

Foot mission, complete!



*PR sample

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