Making bath products with JoeBlogs and MidasTouchCrafts

Last Saturday I headed off to the Amba Hotel Charing Cross for an event organised by JoeBlogs to make soap and bathbombs, under the expert guidance of MidasTouchCrafts.
bathbomb (44)
We all sat down at the large table and ate some of the food that had been put on for us, while we chatted and introduced ourselves, finding out lots of strange facts and phobias along the way. Food fished and cleared away, we set to work on the bath products.
bathbomb (9)
To begin with we made a small solid soap by adding some gel colourant and scent to a small bowl, adding some melt and pour clear soap and stirring to make sure the colour and scent was evenly distributed. This was then left to one side to cool and begin the setting process, which was finished at home in the fridge to ensure a complete set.
bathbomb (15)
We then set about creating a jelly soap, which are great things to play with no matter what your age. We added some (vegi) gelatine to a bowl with a good squirt of shower gel to give it a fragrance and to help with the colour and consistency, topped it up with hot water and set it to the set to cool and set.
bathbomb (19)
Then we began to make our bathbombs! For this we needed to add equal measures of bicarb, citric acid and cornflower in a bowl and mixed them together….then came the water bit and the problem. It’s very hard to put in the right amount of water for this bit as just a touch too much and the mix turns into a foaming mass that tries to take over the universe. As you may have gathered my bathbomb didn’t go to plan and turned into a sentient lifeform before being sacrificed in the bathroom sink. 😛
bathbomb (6)
Overall the day was great fun and I’d recommend MidasTouchCrafts to people who are looking to try out a new craft or take a class and meet new people.

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