Make Up Playtime – Superheroes

Every so often I get bored and decide to play with my make up to pass the time. Tonight has been one of those situations and, as I’m wearing my Marvel pjs, I thought Marvel Heroes would be a good theme.

Annoyingly I don’t think some of these look as good in the photos as they actually did in the mirror, but hey, here they are anyway :p

This was the first one I did tonight and it didn’t come out quite as I wanted it to. I have problems with eyeliner as not only to have poor grip in my hands, but my eyelid shakes when I hold it still to put make up on it. 😛 It’s a wonder I don’t blind myself, it really is!

Iron Man
I quite like this one, I think I’d actually wear it! Maybe I’ll do my make up like this when I go to see Iron Man 3, that would be appropriate. I wonder if anyone would notice themed make-up?

Raaaaaaaaaa Hulk lash. This is basically a smokey eye done in green but I think it worked really well. I have hazel eyes so green shadows really make my eyes stand out…not that you can see them too well in this photo.

Captain America
I went for harder more defined lines with this one as I thought it would suit the character more. This look is probably more of a clubbing look than everyday, but I think it worked out ok too. I’d like to try it with a red, blue or even white mascara too.

Overall I’m kinda pleased with the stuff I’ve done tonight and it’s given me a few more ideas for everyday wear too.

What do you think?

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