Just what IS micellar water?

Micellar waters have been appearing all over the beauty blogs and magazines, but just what is it? I’ve been getting sciencey to find out.

A Micelle is made up of surfactants that have two parts, a hydrophillic (water loving) head and a lipophilic (oil loving) tail. Try to imagine a ping pong ball (the head) with some threads hanging from the bottom of it (the tail), like a really lame tadpole craft project. When put in water these little molecules form spheres, micelles, with the heads on the outside and the tails all safely in the middle. like this diagram I pinched from calpoly.edu

When you wipe your micellar water across your face, the oils in the make up get pulled into the middle of the micelle sphere ‘stuck’ to the oil loving tails. The oils and muck then leave your face and your make up is removed. This is a pretty basic description, but I’m sure it will answer a few people’s questions.

Micelles aren’t a new discovery and anything that has surfactants in it could technically be a ‘micellar’ product, but there you go. And remember, a micellar water is just a make up remover, you still have to cleanse, tone and moisturise!

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