July Favourites!

It’s new month and so time to scrawl down the things that impressed me during the last one! Here we go!

Illamasqua Concealer
I’m a tiny bit in love with this product! I bought in in one of the sales as I needed a new concealer thanks to my acne breakout on my chin *mutter mutter pill mutter*. It arrived in the post and I immediately set to daubing it on my face and oh was I surprised! This covers so well it’s amazing! Even my housemate was impressed and he says my beauty chat is like white noise to him :p
I apply the concealer using a small stipple brush and dabbing it on, I find this gives better coverage on spots and acne as side to side sweeps tend to cause build ups in the skin and imperfections. My only problem with this concealer is that it’s a little too light now I’ve been in the sun and tanned up, but the coverage is still glorious!

Amie Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash
As I was saying my skin has been mental and so I’ve overhauled my skin routine, you can read more about that here. This face wash was sent to me to review and I’m now a total Amie convert! I’ve used a few of their products since and they have all been great and around £5 each! The reason I switched over is that I wanted to give my skin a rest from all the nasties that I discovered lurking in the products I had been using. These are things like parabens and fragrances etc, and Amie products have really helped, especially this facial wash! Give a go!

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Shame
lipstick and liner
I’m not normally a lipstick person but when I went to the Urban Decay event and got the chance to try the new lipsticks, I fell in love! I really like this lipstick and will be buying more in this new range too. The colour is great, it stays put and doesn’t come off on everything! I team it with the Venom lipliner to help it stay put and to stop bleeding and feathering. This range is certainly worth checking out when they appear in Debenhams and online from the 5th! Read more about the range here.

Radox Shower Gel in Energiseradox I’m not normally one to excited about shower gels but this one is really nice! It’s lime and peppermint which means it basically smells like mojitos, the smell lingers on you and in the bathroom too 🙂 If you fancy checking it out then head to Boots as it’s only £1 there atm! o/

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