Illamasqua Paranormal Summer Collection Details

The press release is here, we know the details wooooo! Start converting now!

First off the bat is a very pretty palette, the New Paranormal Palette, which has four ‘water-resistant’ eye shadows which have a ‘silky consistency’ when applied. The shades are Paranormal (cerise, Aura (warm copper) Possession (cool green and Trance (soft violet). All the colours have spherical fine particle silicone in them which makes them easy to apply and last longer. The palette is priced at £34 and I need one now!

Nail wise we have three new shades in Omen (bright green), Ouija (bright pink) and Séance (bright violet), however under UV black light a different shade or effect comes through. In addition to these there will also be a new UV top coat which you can use with any shade of polish for a black light boost. The polishes will be £15 each and the top coat £13.

A first for Illamasqua, New Hydra Veil, £27.50, is a ‘self-levelling gel’ and part primer, part hydrator. It is said to ‘enhance make-up application through skin rehydration for an optimal base.’

There is also a new black liquid eyeliner pot, Precision Gel liner and a new Gleam highlighter in ‘Supernatural’, a warm bronze shade. Both liner and highlighter are £18.

There are also two lipsticks in the image, however nothing is mentioned about these in the press release. Maybe they are ghost lipsticks!? Ooooooooooooooooooooh!

The Paranormal Collection will be available from April 30th from all Illamasqua stores and counters, as well as the website.

PS: The Illamasqua website hasn’t changed yet but this press release is available and not embargoed, so I’ve typed up the details.

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