Help look out for your loved ones’ health with the La Roche Posay #SkinChecker campaign

Melanoma cases are continuing to rise and so this year La Roche Posay is launching its SKINCHECKER campaign to encourage people to check the moles and beauty spots, not only on their skin, but on their loved ones’ skin too.

An Ipsos survey for La Roche Posay looked at 23 countries and the differing attitudes of their populations in concern with the sun and their knowledge of risk factors. In the Uk the survey* found that even though 94% of those questioned understood that the sun can cause health problems, only 12% of them protected their skin all year round. When asked about moles checking, only 3% have their moles checked regularly by a dermatologist at least once a year, with 32% checking their moles themselves.
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When asked about the health of others, 65% admitted that they do more for the health of their loved ones than for themselves, although only 33% have ever encouraged somebody else to get their moles checked. This information has been the catalyst for the skinchecker campaign; a ‘campaign born from the frustration of not seeing enough people check their moles’.

This study confirms us in the knowledge that more people than ever today recognise the risks of skin cancer when exposed to the sun. Melanoma, however, remains the only preventable cancer for which the mortality rate has not declined over the last few decades and we are astonished at the lack of people who current check their own moles at home. We believe that this campaign can make a real difference in the fight against skin cancer – a fight which starts by taking a good look at ourselves and the ones we love‘ Elisabeth Araujo, International Director of La Roche-Posay.
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It’s also important to stress that this isn’t a campaign that ‘starts’ in the holidays either, it begins now. 4 in 10 people don’t think about protecting themselves from the sun outside of the holidays and the sun can damage your skin at all times of the year.

So, stay protected by using the right products and covering up when you can and don’t forget to check your beauty spots and moles and pass the message on!

*2015 Ipsos survey conducted on 1002 UK men and women aged 15-65.

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