Friday Fiver – Disney Princess Lipsmackers

I love lipsmackers, I have a whole host of the things so when I found out there were now Disney themed ones i got a little overexcited!


There are four to choose from Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and Belle and each have their own sheen and and flavour.

Cinderella: Vanilla with a hint of shine
Ariel: Calypso Berry flavour with a glimmer of glitter
Snow White: Cherry flavour with a light shimmer and hint of pink
Belle: Sweet Treats flavour with a sheen of silver gloss.

These are great for adding a hint of shine or colour to your Spring/Summer make up while hydrating your lips. Just drop them in your bag and apply where and when you need to.

Lipsmackers flavours always seem to last down the bottom of the tube and linger on the lips a lot longer than other lip balms and this is why they have made it to my Friday Fiver!

Disney Princess Lip Balms are available from Debenhams for £3 each.

*PR sample

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