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If you’re in need of a gift idea for someone, or you just want to treat yourself to a little something, then you may want to check out Flamingo Gifts They have a massive range of products from homeware to jewellery to bath and body. I got the chance to pick out five items of my choice (which took awhile) so I could let you all know what I think…..I love them!

robin earring stand flamingo gifts Cream Robin Earring stand £9.45
I’m terrible for losing earrings….in fact no; earring! Why is it that you only ever lose one? It’s like the other one hangs around to taunt you about the love you once had and now lost. This is why I love this stand! Not only does it look really pretty with the bird decoration and the soft cream colour but it looks after 16 pairs of earrings, in one place. The spacing between the holes and the distances between the bars means that it’s really easy to fit most earrings on it, even drop one and larger studs.

jewellery rack flamingo giftsMy jewellery hooks £4.95 To go alongside the earring stand, I chose this jewellery rack for my necklaces. You simply attach it onto the wall with two screws and you’re ready to go! I love being able to hang up my necklaces, especially the longer and finer ones that can get knotted together and can break when you try to undo them. Also, like the earrings, this rack lets me see more choices than I currently can with my patented system of ‘mugtree necklace buckaroo’.

log & squirrel magical potLog & Squirrel Magical Plant Pot £22.50This plant pot is not only super cute, but it’s also super handy too. You plant up the top with a plant, water it and put any leftover or extra water in the bottom section, via a shoot in the side. As the water level rises so does the squirrel inside the log so when he’s hidden right at the bottom of the hole, you know it’s time to top up the water. The water gets to the pot at the top via some string that soaks up the water bringing it into the soil, in a similar way that roots do with a plant. This pot would be perfect for anyone who has the touch of death with plants as it would be very hard to overwater, but the little squirrel face reminds you of when it’s time to top up the water.

fauna espresso set flamingo giftsFauna Espresso Set by Magpie £22.50 I’m a coffee fiend, so when I spotted this set of cups and saucers on the website I jumped at them! Not only are they great for coffee but they’re also so pretty in themselves. Each cup and saucer set is a different pastel tone and has a different animal and the set would make an excellent gift as they come well boxed up. I have to say I’ve not actually used them for coffee yet as I just don’t want to get them dirty! I think these are also going to be great for Instagram photo props, I’ll put some more images on there too so you can get a better look at them.

Mug cakes microwave book flamingo giftsMug Cakes Book by Mima Sinclair £8.99 I don’t really feel like I need to explain just why I chose this book :p I think the idea of instacake is an appealing one to most people, but this book actually has much more than that. While there are recipes for the usual suspects of the cake line up, there are also other puddings and treats like cheesecake, banana bread and even Christmas cake! I love the idea of mixing everything together in the mug the night before and then having cake for breakfast the day after! They seem to take a little bit of practice though and I’ve had some amazing fails, but I think that was trying to substitute ingredients for gluten or dairy free alternative. I shall continue my research…..for science!

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