DIY – Make your own nail polish

We’ve all had it happen to us, drop the palette and boom, eyeshadow down! There’s not too much you can do when this happens, but something you could try is converting this mess into a nail polish.


What you need to do is smash the powder down as fine as you can so it’s like a loose powder. For this post I’ve actually used a loose powder I’ve had sitting doing nothing in the back of a drawer since time began, the process is the same though.

So, you need a bottle of clear polish, I’ve used a 99p one from Wilko’s. Get a piece of paper and fold it so you have a crease to funnel the powder into the bottle. Knock the powder onto the paper, if you’re using a loose powder you may need a cocktail stick if the holes block up a little. When you have the amount you want to try on the paper, tip it into the bottle. The shadow will sit on the top so you will need pop the top back on and do some shaking.


After you have shaken it until your arm has almost fallen off, you need to test it to see if it’s the right shade. Paint a couple of coats onto a test nail to see if you like it.


I decided mine wasn’t quite green enough, so I added more powder in the same way as before. This time I liked the shade and I was finished.


So there you go, never throw away any broken shadows or unwanted loose powders again! 😀

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