DIY- Coffee Facial Scrub

During the #BootsMakeItHappen Twitter chat @jennyredcherry said that coffee granules make a really good face scrub. I’m a total coffee addict and so I had to give this a go.


You need to use ‘proper coffee’ for this, the type you put in a percolator. I used Loading Bar’s 9-bit Mega coffee as it’s not too bitter and so perfect for morning. I’m also a total geek!

After the leftovers have cooled, you need to drain off any excess water and scoop out the coffee.

coffee fingers

Then comes the bit that will confuse the hell out of your housemate, you rub said coffee all over your face. You will be pleased to hear this wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would have been. I was waiting for it to be really scratchy but it just felt like a normal scrub.

coffee face

The results were great too! This is going to become a regular part of my routine as I suffer from blackheads and dried skin, so need all the scrubbing help I can get!

You can also use the coffee in the same way on any cellulite you might have, the caffeine helps to break it down. 😀

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