Candle of the Week – DesRes Luxury Scented Room & Massage Candle in Dreams

So it’s candle time again and this week we have a lovely little candle from the company DesRes. This website is seriously worth checking out as they have a huge range of products for every room in the house and more. I’ve put some extra photos at the bottom of some random products that have caught my eye, just to give you an idea.

But before that we should check out this candle as that’s why we’re all here. The candle this week is Dreams and it is a woody fragranced candle with a surprise; it’s also a massage oil.

The scent is a woody base with hints of mint which makes it a great candle and oil for men or anyone who doesn’t really like sweet or floral scents. There’s a good range available though so I’m sure there’s a scent for everyone.

The candle burns nice and cleanly and the votive size that I have will last up to 30 hours. The scent is a subtle one that you get ‘wafts’ of every so often, which is really nice as some candles can be a little overpowering and that won’t be all that relaxing. Once burning you can pour the melted wax onto the body or your hands straight from the candle. I have to say this feels really weird as you wait for it to burn like normal hot wax would, but it doesn’t. The heated oil is really nice and add to that relaxing massage experience. I think it would be great on the back too but I’m sat here reviewing this on my own, so I only have a very nicely massaged leg.

I really like the idea of this candle as it means yo can have a relaxing and softly lit massage with no clashing scents or awkward bottles to try and unscrew.

You can buy DesRes candles from the DesRes website in three sizes, tealight (£6 for a pack of three), votive (£10) and candle (£16)

Here’s some images of just some of the other products you can get on the website, my wishlist is huuuge!

Little birds that perch on your lampshades. Available in several sizes!

Bird feeders
Little hanging LED light that would be so pretty indoors or outside

Never seen a stand like this with a bowl! Perfect for nibbles at a party <3[/caption] [caption width="335" align="alignnone"] Wall hanging vases, available in two sizes

Treehouse bed!


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