ARK Age Prepare Review

I love trail size things and so I got the ARK Age Prepare mini kit from Latest In Beauty. The kit is aimed at late teens to early 30’s which is a bit different as many products tend to be either aimed at either early teenage or more mature skin.

The kit has 4 steps to it and a mini pot to go with each one, so off I went on a quest to look amazing!

Step One was a cleanser which was thicker than I expected it to be but it felt really nice and my skin felt soft and clean after it.

Step Two was an exfoliator and this had a great level of coarseness to it. I really like a good exfoliator as I suffer from dry skin and blackheads and this is one I would use again. You had to keep rubbing it on your face until all the bits had gone which gave it a great scrub.

Step Three meant walking around confusing my cats for 10 minutes; a face masque. The masque was good too and went nice and dry and tight when it was finished, meaning I knew when to wash it off. After this and the previous steps my skin was feeling quite good.

Step Four however took a bit of a dip. The moisturiser was really too greasy for me and I even had a bit of a breakout on my forehead for a couple of days after, which is somewhere I pretty much never breakout. I did wonder what this product would be like for someone with oily skin if I was having problems.

I have no idea why my hand is pink in this photo!

Overall the kit was great and I’d use steps one to three again, just with another moisturiser! I’d like to try and check out some more ARK products in the future too. The pots gave a great sample size of each product and will come in useful in the future for travelling or letting friends test products etc.

You can buy ARK products from a rep or online, all details are on their website.

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