Beauty: Acrylic Cosmetics Storage for £1

poundland acrylic cosmetics storage

I don’t normally get excited when shopping, but I did make an audible squee noise when I saw these beauties in my local Poundland store. Can you believe it, acrylic cosmetics storage for £1!?

poundland acrylic cosmetics storage

I’ve bought things like this on ebay before from China and Korea but I’ve never seen them THIS cheap! They don’t feel flimsy at all and are a brilliant way of tidying up your stash and keeping the things you use the most close at hand.

Acrylic cosmetics storage can be really expensive and if all it’s doing is sitting there on your bathcounter or dressing table, you really shouldn’t be forking out a fortune for them.

So, there you go, my bargain buy of the week! Acrylic cosmetics storage from Poundland. Do let me know if you manage to spot any in your local store!

poundland acrylic cosmetics storage
poundland acrylic cosmetics storage

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